Canada Dry

Ginger ale is not the flashiest soda, and Canada Dry is not the flashiest ginger ale. Soda consumption is on the decline as the nation becomes more health conscious, and Canada Dry is at-risk as a mainstream sugary brand. We’ve repositioned the brand by embracing Canada Dry’s heritage and mild taste, while encouraging the public to join our wholesome approach to everyday life.

Tagline: Reasonably Sweet


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Product Innovation: Canada Dry Crisp

To compete with craft ginger ales, we found it advantageous to design a premium line. Canada Dry Crisp contains more ginger and pure sugar cane for a more natural taste.

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We’ve incorporated post cards that you can cut out of our packaging. Never underestimate the impact of a handwritten note!

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The Canada Dry Booklet of “Canadianisms”

A guide to being reasonably sweet.

Canada Dry Canadianisms (both).png

Waze Integration

A friendly voice to guide you to your destination while curbing your road rage

Canada Dry Waze Integration.png

Reasonably Sweet Parking Notes

Instead of leaving passive aggressive notes on poor parking jobs, we're seeking to reward those who park exceptionally well with a coup’n!

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In-store Messaging

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Art Direction: Colin O’Shea
Experience Design: Missy Thieman, Joelle Halle
Strategy: Andrew Allen
Creative Brand Management: Beka Tesfaye, Sarabeth yglesias