If you’ve ever had trouble falling asleep, perhaps your problem has been that you simply weren’t bored enough. As part of four day sprint for Casper Sleep, my team demonstrated a couple ideas to help guide your racing mind into a peaceful slumber. Casper loved it, and executed our ideas by creating the Casper Sleep Channel on Youtube. As you can see below, their second episode features our stories.


Fairly Boring Fairy tales

Often there’s too much conflict in a bedtime story to focus on the actual point of a bedtime story: to help you fall asleep. So we took the conflict out of these classic tales.

Fairly Boring Fairy Tales.png
Jack and the Beanstalk.png
Little Red Riding Hood.png
Three Little Pigs.png


If you’re like me, you rely on setting the sleep timer on your television so you can pass out with a little action in the background. What if there was television programming that was actually designed for you to fall asleep to?

S'News Laptop.png

Art Direction: Lauren Acampora

Experience Design: Ruthie Edwards, Zak Vono

Strategy: Andrew Allen

Brand Manager: Paul Atienza