A pretty neat guy

I'm a goofy self-deprecator that goes to the gym just enough to cancel out a Friday Hot Pocket. Airplanes, the internet, and magnets never cease to amaze me, and my happy place is the dance floor of a wedding reception (as long as the music’s live).

I always thought of myself as a decent writer, probably because Mom was overly supportive when she proofread my childhood thank you notes. When I noticed that I was the only one in middle school that actually enjoyed grammar exercises, I figured that writing was going to be a large part of my future. Combining it with my passion for sports (spectating) led me to think I’d have a “My Two Cents” segment on SportsCenter. However, I've come to like the idea of applying the art of persuasion to the commercial break.


I lacked a creative outlet before I discovered advertising. I also lacked a beard. Things could get slow at the lobbying firm, so I found other ways to keep myself entertained.