Pupps Collectibles

Animals at rescue organizations often lack sufficient background information and quality imagery that would enhance their likelihood of adoption. The medium of a baseball card displays what makes each dog unique. In partnership with Cracker Jack and minor league baseball teams, we’ve created a template for local shelters to advertise their current residents. Limited edition packs could also be available for retail at local pet stores.


The Cards

We printed thirty-four cards total, which display a high-resolution image of each dog with their behavioral tendencies (stats) and a baseball themed blurb to give them more personality. Also included are specs regarding heights, weights, and breeds.

Rex 2.png
Bubbles 1.png
Bubbles 2.png
Jenny 1.png
Jenny 2.png
Daisy 1.png
Daisy 2.png
Spooner 1.png
Spooner 2.png
Brooklyn 1.png
Brooklyn 2.png
Sport 1.png
Sport 2.png
Sally 1.png
Sally 2.png

Art Direction: Ben Gross

Other writers: Mitchell Moss, Kobby Amoaka-Atta